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Eucharistic Revival Pilgrimage

Eucharistic Revival Pilgrimage

This Year of Parish Revival is about falling deeper in love with the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus and following him more closely. Mirroring this internal journey with an external one is a beautiful way to connect body and soul in the pursuit of Christ. Most of us will not have the opportunity to join the Eucharistic Caravan on the mainland leading to the Eucharistic Congress on July 17, 2024 in Indianapolis.

We can participate in the revival here at home. Make the Honolulu Diocese Pilgrimage a part of your experience of revival by planning a self-led personal pilgrimage in the next months leading up to the beginning of the Eucharistic Caravan in San Francisco.

The Diocese of Honolulu offers a Hawaii Eucharist Revival virtual pilgrimage called Hawaii Pilgrim at:

or by getting the Polarsteps - Travel Tracker app for your digital device:

Sign up for a free Polarsteps account. Enter “Hawaii Pilgrim” on the Explore (Search people & places) tab. Click on “Follow” and begin your journey. Use Hawaii Pilgrim to find church addresses, Mass, adoration and other regularly scheduled events when the church will be open.

Use the Diocese of Honolulu - Eucharistic Revival Pilgrimage information sheet to guide you.

Enjoy your pilgrimage!!

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