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Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus

I once asked a gentleman to join the Knights and he said he wasn’t Knightly enough. This got me thinking. What would make a man think he wasn’t good enough to become a Knight? Perhaps he was comparing himself to some of the Knights he sees and what we do for our Parish and community and did not think he was worthy. I thought he did more than enough and explained he didn’t have to really do more than he already does. All I was offering was an opportunity for additional fellowship and the fraternal benefits of our Order.

I would like to ask you a few simple questions.

  • Are you a Lector, Eucharistic Minister, Usher or Sacristan? Then you would be Knightly.

  • Do you serve on a parish committee or council? Then you would be Knightly.

  • Do you have kids in youth groups, work with the homeless or those less fortunate or with special needs? Then you would be Knightly.

  • Are you Pro-Life or attend a weekly Rosary or Adoration? Then you would be Knightly.

  • Do you believe in “One Nation Under God”? Do you want to provide financially for your family in the event of your untimely death? Then you SHOULD be Knightly.

If you are you a man over 18 years of age who is a Leader, Serves, Defends and Protects your family and Catholic Faith prayerfully consider joining the Knights of Columbus. For more information contact Joe James at or 727-480-4172 or Devo Voss at devo@thesonsofmary. com or 808-345-3409.

Did you Know:

  • The Knights were one of the original founding members of Special Olympics.

  • The Knights were mainly responsible for getting the words “under God” placed in the Pledge of Allegiance

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